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So Green!

Opublikowano 27 April 2016

Nobody needs to be convinced of the positive influence of natural green supplies on our mood. Since many ages human beings have been a part of nature and took everything from her that they needed for life. Because of the developing urbanization green started to gradually disappear from our surroundings. This absence can be felt every day. Plants create oxygen and absorb harmful substances, which has a positive influence on our health. This aspect is very important for inhabitants of crowded cities such as Kraków or Warsaw, where problems due to smog are enormous. A possible solution could be walls of natural plants in the shape of vertical gardens that fit excellently to homes, restaurants and offices. Surrounded by plants we feel happier, more relaxed and motivated to work. Even a modest plant image in our nearest surroundings can significantly improve our mood. So let’s start inviting gardens to our interiors from today on!


Photo Restaurant, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

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