Juko - obrazy i panelu z mchu

MOSS WALLSsciany-z-mchu

Moss panels with are made of natural reindeer moss (Cladonia rangiferina) subjected to processes of salinity, so that the moss does not expand or attract insects. In the case of moss walls, there is no need of watering, pruning or providing access to sunshine – the panels are completely maintenance-free. You can simply sit back in the chair and enjoy the beauty of nature at home.


We create the moss walls from the most widespread species in the forests of northern Europe, known as cladonia rangiferina (Icelandic moss), cushion moss and haircap moss. These are collected in the period from May to October, because they appear in large number at that time and the harvest does not endanger the natural environment. The moss is 100% biodegradable.


The collected moss is appropriately selected, cleaned and subjected to the process of salinity. Subsequently, our team manually creates even the most unusual designs that may later decorate almost any interior.


Moss walls are an excellent alternative to vegetable gardens. They are especially recommended for people who appreciate comfort and modern elegance. They require no maintenance or watering, they only need to be provided with humidity around 40% – while standard moisture of air that feels comfortable to people oscillates between 40-70%.


A maintenance-free garden retains its fresh appearance for many years, if we keep few simple rules in mind:

  • do not expose to direct sunlight and high temperatures
  • do not expose to direct contact with a heat source, including fire (radiators, stoves, fireplaces, heating panels, candles, etc.).

Even if the moss is completely dried out, it can be regenerated by using a humidifier.



  • introduces the effect of a natural garden in the space
  • acts as a natural filter, absorbing toxins harmful to our body
  • absorbs sound, perfectly silences the room
  • possesses anti-allergic properties
  • balances the humidity in the air
  • completely maintenance-free, does not require watering or fertilizing
  • a natural measure of humidity


We offer up to 16 moss colours, which can be an inspiration for you to design your own arrangement.

Create your own moss composition and we will bring your vision to life.


GRASS WALLSsciany-z-trawy

Similarly to moss, natural grass is subjected to processes of salinity; therefore it can be moulded into any form, such as grass gardens or grass images.


We offer 5 grass shades, from which you any composition can be created.


Grass walls are completely maintenance-free, do not need to be watered, fertilized or pruned. The panels are made on a flexible substrate, so that they can be easily shaped and attached to vertical or inclined surfaces. Nature gives us a wide range of creative possibilities, enabling us to enrich our interiors with grass panels.


We complete even the most daring ideas of our customers.

Perhaps the concept of a grass wall or a grass ceiling would be ideal for your interiors?


PLANT WALLSsciany-z-roslin

Green walls are gardens planted in a vertical system. The plants are selected according to customer preferences and the capabilities of the given room, so that the considerable vertical garden is ready immediately after installation.
A green area has an invaluable impact on our wellbeing. Vertical gardens exquisitely influence our health, enhance concentration and above all improve our mood!


A green wall is also an excellent addition to the interior decoration of private and commercial spaces.


Our offer includes plant walls and plant images with an automatic irrigation system. Watering and fertilizing is controlled by a computer. The plant walls allow a house with to be connected with a garden even in small spaces.


Winter gardens allow us to enjoy the beauty of nature all year round.
Invite a vertical garden into your interior today!



Our products are handmade according to strict standards. Every article possesses the necessary safety certificates. We adjust the shape and size of the articles to specified parameters or we propose a suitable arrangement for the interior.


The perfect combination of nature and modern design in your home.

Create your own moss composition and we will bring your vision to life.

The sky is the limit.